Q: I can't read the style number on the catalog. Can I make it bigger? (Wholesale customers)

A: Yes, you can. The picture below explains the issue:


Q: I didn't receive the Free Shipping code email when I signed up to your newsletter. What do I do? (Retail customers)

A: Before contacting us, make sure you checked the Spam and Promotions sections on your email account. If you still can't find our email, contact us and we'll make sure to send you the code.

Q: How do I submit an order? (Wholesale customers)

A: Order must be submitted via fax or email, we cannot take orders over the phone. Please download our order form if you don't have it already. All new accounts must complete and sign the two page Terms and Conditions form and submit both pages along with a copy of your State Sales Tax Certificate with your order. We will not process any orders from new accounts if these forms are not received.

Q: What is your minimum per order? (Wholesale customers)

A: It is required to place a minimum order of $300.00. The minimum for sizes are at least 3 sizes in a size run. (ie. 3M-9M, 12M-24M, 9M-18M, 2T-4T, 4-6X, etc.)

Q: Forms of payment? (Wholesale customers)

A: Credit Card only, unless you are a current client who has established credit with us.

Q: How do I establish Net 30 Terms? (Wholesale customers)

A: We submit your credit information to the Credit Children's Coop and they will let us know how much credit to extend.

Q: How do I make changes or cancel and order? (Wholesale customers)

A: You have 15 days from the date your order was placed to make changes or cancel any items. Changes/ Cancellations must be sent in writing either via email or fax before request is made.

If an order is canceled after the 15 day period, you will be responsible to pay a 25% restocking fee of the total order canceled.

Q: Am I allowed to pre-sale Marco & Lizzy merchandise? (Wholesale customers)

Marco & Lizzy is a division of Little Threads, Inc. and strongly discourages pre-selling their products. However, if you decide to offer pre-sale, please adhere to the following policy:

1: Pre-selling can only be prior to the designated ship date. Selling Little Threads products on social media sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) is allowed as long as you have and established online store or brick and mortar store.

2: You may only pre-sell products if you have a pre-order that was submitted by the appropriate deadline.

3: All items must be sold at full retail value, which is at least double the wholesale price, during the regular selling season. No discounts may be offered during the pre-sale.

Q: Can you do drop-shipping to my costumers? (Wholesale customers)

A: No, we will only ship to your store or shipping address written on your order.

Q: Do you ship overseas? (Wholesale customers)

Yes, as long as you have a legitimate store overseas, we will ship your order there. Please make your your address is deliverable by UPS or USPS. You will be responsible for all shipping insurance and duty cost.

Q: How can I return merchandise? (Wholesale customers)

Only defective or merchandise sent by error can be returned. Please contact us within 5 business days of receiving your goods. We must receive a written request from you stating why your merchandise is being returned. We will then send you a Call Tag and do our best to replace the item(s) in a timely manner. In the event that an item cannot be replaced, a credit will be issued.

Q: Your clothes has sold very well in our stores. Am I able to place a re-order? (Wholesale customers)

A: Of course! As long as the re-order is placed in the timely manner before the seasons over, we will do our best to fulfill it. Please submit re-orders via email or fax. We will confirm if your order will be possible to make.

Q: Speaking of re-orders, is there a minimum? (Wholesale customers)

A: There is no minimum for a re-order, as long as you have ordered this style in your previous order.