A  passion for children fashion!

My name is Maria Marcus, head designer and owner of Marco & Lizzy. I have been in love of children clothing since I had my first child Lizzy. Now she is a mother of two little children Marco and Vivienne.

My style? Classic, timeless,traditional with a twist. When my daughter Lizzy was born, I wanted to dress her with smocked dresses, I took 10 classes and "voila" I was already was making her dresses. My children were the  inspiration and motivation to start a children  clothing company.

Over the years, I have traveled  to many countries in Europe , this has been a big influence on my style, I have found  great materials to bring to life my creations that started as an idea on a piece of paper, many times  inspired by my surroundings, or an object or simply a  color.

As a designer, I am always in search of new ideas. Years ago, we did not have Pinterest or the web ( which is a great source of ideas.) but I learn to educated my eyes and I always loved European children fashion, the classic look where the children look like children.